avec moi //

“[…]humans have been created for the sake of others of their kind, indeed, to benefit each other as much as possible[…]”


That’s what I stand, and live by. It’s what my business endeavors are built on. Experiences, knowledge, and love, are meant to be shared.

After all, at the end of this segment of the Great Journey, we take nothing with us. What we’ve left—however—remains.

Legacies don’t last in things. They live on only through people.

The authors and the laborers will be forgotten in due time, but the beauty of their fruits will remain, for all future generations to enjoy.

Non nobis solum // “Not for myself alone”

♡ Sarah Parker

sarah’s brands and projects //

Parker Public Adjusting ➽

First-party property insurance claim help... for policyholders. Total claim management and dispute resolution, for policyholders, like you.

Kuva Media ➽

Custom graphic design, data research, and web and app development projects, for ambitious teams and professionals.

Kuva Academy (in Beta) ➽

Short-term courses, for long-term success. Mobile-friendly micro-courses, for team training, professional up-skilling, and life skills.

Kuva Shop (Coming Soon) ➽

Instant delivery, or on-demand design, data, and development projects.

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